New Orleans Bathhouse

        This project is a bathhouse in the heart of downtown New Orleans.  The premise of this project is forget.  The site has become a forgotten part of New Orleans because it's lack of upkeep or current function.  At a larger scale, the word forget directly relates to the culture and history of New Orleans. The city is a place where people go to forget reality or where people go to unintentionally forget reality.  It is the nature of New Orleans to be forgetful.  Even the architecture shows history and character because it too was forgotten and not preserved, but that is a key element to New Orleans architecture.
       This idea of forget can also be directly applied to the act of bathing.  Bathing gives people a chance to forget the outside world.  People tend to forget the process of bathing because their mind is set on auto-pilot because it is something they do very often. It also becomes a time to forget about ones stress and the tension that has built up in their muscles as the hot water releases these feelings. 
       The project takes visitors to the very back of the site and what seems like underground in order to take them out of reality and allow them to forget the outside world.  Forgetting is a strong aspect of the site and the history and architecture of New Orleans, as well as the process and result of bathing.