Observation Center- Cocodrie, Louisiana

        The basis of this project was to create a space that allows visitors to experience the landscape of Cocodrie in a new way.  Impermanence and permanence is a defining factor of the site of Cocodrie.  The best way to experience impermanence or the changes and interactions among the water levels, plant growth and decay, as well as silt build up and removal, is to fully immerse yourself in the environment at every level. This becomes the driving force behind all aspects of this design. This idea is also influenced by light/shadow and objectivity/intimacy, and how these dualities can help reinforce the idea of impermanence. Whether it’s the structure and it’s shape as well as being fully submerged, or lighting decisions that direct the path of the viewers to these changes. This design intervention becomes a space that puts the visitor directly in relationship with all aspects of the site- sky, marsh grass, water, muck.