Design Build- Alpine Meadows Park Pavilion

This design build project was part of the Remote Studio summer program.  Ten students including myself were tasked with designing and building a pavilion for the subdivision of Alpine Meadows in Alpine, Wyoming.  In a series of design charrettes, we collaborated and created multiple design proposals and eventually came to a final design.  We then created a presentation and final model and presented this design to the housing board of Alpine Meadows.  With helpful feedback from the board members and constant communication with our structural engineer, the project was finalized and ready to move into the production stage.  We were in contact with various local steel and lumber suppliers and were able to take advantage of the local materials as well as locally reclaimed lumber that was available.  In a matter of a few weeks with blood, sweat, and lack of sleep, we were able to complete the pavilion.

          Throughout the process, I was able to help out in every aspect of the program.  The design was very much a collaboration between the ten students.  I played a huge role in getting estimates on materials as well as updating the project total to make sure we were within the budget.  When it came to the production stage, I made all the cuts to the glulams as well as the wood columns.  The overall assembly of all the parts and pieces was a huge team effort in order to get the pavilion standing in just over 3 weeks.  

These are some images from the job site during the production stage of the project.

This is a video of the construction process.